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Thank you for finding your way to THE Bee Man - Thomassen honey and bees!
We are a small company based in Birkeland, but which also has apiaries scattered throughout Agder. We started operations in 2018 and have come a long way since then - what we have created, we are proud of!
We know that many out there want to buy safe and healthy honey straight from the producer - straight from the hive - and we will therefore also have a future sale for this purpose. Our customers come again and again. We deliver in downtown areas from Kristiansand to Arendal at no extra cost after working hours and on weekends! The main production will be delivered to Honningcentralen.
In addition to honey production, there will occasionally be sales of bees and course activities.
The honey is a unique blend of inland honey and coastal honey. The best of both worlds. We focus on operations and use KSL (quality assurance in agriculture).
Try our honey, you will have a good taste experience.
Kristian, THE Bee Man
Thomassen honey and bees
Nordåsvegen 60
4760 Birkeland
Registered company org. No. 921014651
Accountant: ViTo accounting
Manufacturer no .: 4216048811
Certified beekeeper
KSL operation (Quality assurance in agriculture)
Apiary registered with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority
Unitholder in Honningcentralen
Member of the Norwegian Beekeepers' Association / Sand Beekeepers' Association
Vipps (cash sale): 622182
Bank account no.: 2880 11 01706
Mobile: 997 23 776 

THE Bee Man - Summer's gold which is our most popular. A continental taste for the honey connoisseur.

Honey products:
Summer's gold - What this year's summer has to offer. Produced in Birkeland, in Grimstad.
Setesdalen's gold - Heather honey from Setesdal, produced inside the heaths in pure nature.
Fyresdal's gold - Lynghonning from Fyresdal, produced by Nesvatn's beautiful and wild surroundings.
Tromøy's gold - Summer honey from beautiful Tromøy with old linden forest, blackberries, coastal flowers.
More will be added in our gold series.

We deliver at the door

Order our honey and have it delivered to your door! After 4 pm and onwards, we can deliver honey FREE OF CHARGE in areas close to the city center in the following places: Birkeland, Lillesand, Grimstad and Arendal daily. No minimum order.

In Kristiansand we can deliver from Voiebyen - Søm to Vågsbygd with a minimum order of 6 glasses.
Order by SMS and arrange delivery: 997 23 776

Honey products

Our gold series
Order by SMS and arrange delivery: Tel .: 997 23 776
Summer's gold
450gr. 130, - (sold out - may return in august)

A blend of what the summer in Sørlandet has had to offer. Local honey with continental flavor. This is the one we sell! Every year a new taste experience

Setesdalen's gold
450 gr. 130, -
(Out of stock)

Heather honey from the Setesdal heaths, made in untouched nature in Norway's most beautiful landscape

Fyresdal's gold
450gr. 130, -
(ready in December 2022)

Heather honey from Nesvatn - a beautiful and wild piece of Norwegian nature

Tromøy's gold
comes in December 2022

One of Sørlandet's large islands - with old linden forest, summer flowers, blackberries and beautiful coastal nature

Course in beekeeping 2022

Do you want to become a beekeeper? THE Bee Man - Thomassen honey and bees have their own developed course with the little extra. Our goal is that after completing the course you should feel SAFE and CONFIDENT in your beekeeping. You will receive thorough training, first through theory evenings, then through practical work in one of our apiaries. You will receive ongoing guidance throughout the course season if you need help and are stuck outside the course days. We give that little extra!
Course starts May 2022.
Theory May10, 23, 25, 30 at Tingsalen in Lillesand. Each time 19.00 - 22.00.
Practice: 1 meeting outdoors May, June, August, September. Meeting place (Birkeland, Arendal. Date are determined later and are somewhat weather dependent.
Price 3900, -. Minimum 4 participants, no maximum.
We take into account both Covid19 and the spread of bee diseases during the course. We have good contacts and are helpful in arranging sales of bees.
Registration / information 997 23 776 Kristian - THE Bee Man
* Note! Course in Norwegian language. For those who are particularly interested, we can arrange courses in English for a minimum of 5 participants. Price will be 5000, - per participant.

Who we are


THE Bee Man - owner and operations manager. Always cheerful and always ready for a chat about honey, flowers and bees. 

Edward Andreas
Generation 2.0

THE Bee Man junior - sling and tapping manager.
The next generation is also involved in the operation. Edward has his own hobby beekeeping with two cubes. He is a fan of slinging, bottling and innovative ideas, as well as selling his own tasty honey in his spare time when he is not at school.

Our girls
Production workers

The most important of all - our girls. Up to 2 million employees (and there will be more) - without us paying salaries to employees nor employer contributions to the state! We are humble and therefore take good care of the cute little ones.

Honey from the coast and inland

The best of two worlds and a blend of Sørlandet

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